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Monthly Regular Union Meeting December

IAFFLogo.jpg December 17th @  9am at the Orlando Professional Firefighters Union Hall

4005 N. Orange Blossom Trail

Orlando, FL 32805



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Congratulations Jeff Orrange Statewide Peer Support Coordinator


We would like to introduce LT Jeff Orrange from Orlando Fire Department who has joined FFSHC (Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative) to be the Statewide Peer Support Coordinator and develop a statewide resource list of all Peer support programs and TEAMS in Florida. Lt Orrange is in his 22nd years as a firefighter and is a founding member of the Orlando Fire Fighters Peer Support Team.

His team has been deployed following the Pulse tragedy, Las Vegas Shooting and the Parkland shooting. Jeff has been promoting mental wellness through grassroots efforts for many years. He believes that making it through this career mentally as well as physically is paramount. The recent tragedies (school shootings, suicides) and disaster deployments (hurricanes) have reaffirmed the need for such a list.

We appreciate Jeff's dedication as we begin the data collection process so we can produce an unbiased statewide Peer Support list to benefit the fire departments in Florida.

Contact Lt Orrange at jorrange@floridafirefightersafety.org

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PERC Ruling on Imposed Contract

Brothers and Sisters,

I wanted to take a minute to wish you all a happy Labor Day and provide you with a brief update on the Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) that we filed over the imposed contract.

You may recall that several weeks ago we received a decision from a hearing officer that issued a split decision on the matters that were challenged.  The hearing officer ruled that the City committed several unfair labor practices but unfortunately, the hearing officer did not provide a viable remedy to correct the violations.  Both the Union and the City filed exceptions to the hearing officers ruling.  On Friday afternoon, I received a PERC Commissions decision on the hearing officers ruling.  I have attached a copy of the ruling for your review, in addition, here's a summary of what the Commission did:  (LINK TO RULING)

The Public Employees Relations Commission, made up of three appointees by Governor Scott, issued a (Final Order) on our unfair labor practice charge where Local 1365 alleged that the City violated the law in several ways during the last round of negotiations.  

The PERC Commission reversed the hearing officer's ruling that it was unlawful for the Mayor to vote on his own proposals.  They also determined that it was legal for the City to give us a deadline to vote on wages.  Lastly the PERC Commission seemed to say that discipline could be decided by the City.

The PERC Commission agreed with Local 1365 that the City violated the law when it voted to impose the changes to the Transfers and Assignments Article.  (Article 29)  and Drug Testing Article.  (Article 38)

The Commission rejected the City's claim that it was entitled to attorney's fees for the portion of the case in which it prevailed, finding that the union's arguments were reasonable. 

However, the Commission ordered the City to pay Local 1365 attorney's fees because it unlawfully imposed Transfers & Assignment and Drug Testing language. 

The PERC Commission ruled that the City "knew or should have known that its conduct was unlawful".  The Commission also ordered the City to sign and post an official notice promising not to violate the law in the future.

As stated and perhaps most importantly, the PERC Commission ordered the City to rescind its unlawfully imposed Assignment & Transfer and Drug Testing language.  This means that Article 29 Assignments & Transfers and Article 38 Drug Testing must revert to the previous contract language. 

This ruling will have significant impacts on the pending grievance and arbitration cases where the Department has applied the unlawfully imposed.

Both the City and the Union have the right to appeal the PERC Commission's (Final Order) to the District Court of Appeals.  I have not had the opportunity to speak with the City's legal team to see if they intend on appealing the ruling.

In the meantime, your negotiating team will continue to work towards securing a new contract.  We have had two meetings with the city this past week and things seem have been progressing forward in a positive manner.

I will keep you posted as soon as new information becomes available.  I hope you and your family have a great Labor Day!


Ron Glass


Local 1365 


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Station Goods Available for Sale

We have been working with a number of Stations that have produces their logos and have produced wears for members to purchase and have created a page where all these items have been placed for sale.  Examples of some of the items.


These items and more are available for purchase.  Link to T-Shirt Store


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Locating Your Representatives in Tallahassee

Follow Link

Find your House of Representative that represents your District by clicking on the House of Representatives Seal to the left. 

Locate the "tab" on the left upper side of the page "Find Your Legislator" and provide the address info requested and it will identify your legislator.  This will take you to their home pages that will provide you information and e-mail links on how to contact your representative.


Find your State Senator that represents your District by clicking the State Senate Seal to the left.

After you reach these pages all you will have to do is provide your zip code and it will take you to your representative's home page.  This page will list the names and contacts for their administrative staff & assistants as well as their e-mails.

Also remember some of these representative have "facebook" pages for all those who participate in "facebook" search them out and follow them there you can probably leave the same type of letters on that page as well for the rest of his constituents to see.

Make it a point to communicate with your representatives and provide them how you feel about some of the legislation they have introduced or support.  Remember he should be representing you and others in his district, not his personal agenda.

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